Pitonsoft – Integrated Clinic Management System. This System is particularly user friendly and easy to operate. When developed, it was taken into consideration the users dealing with different modules of the system and thus, the major emphasis was given to the human interface. The following are the major transactions in the Clinic.



  Treatment (Case Sheet)




Usually when a patient wants to consult a doctor at clinic, he/she has to take prior appointment before consulting the doctor.An appointment is sought for the patient either over phone or by a personal visit.
Each doctor’s consulting hours are divided into certain number of slots and each doctor is assigned with a fixed time for one patient. When an appointment is made, we have to check whether the doctor is available on that day at that particular time. If so an appointment is made against that free slot. If not the next available free slot can be granted to the patient. In case the patient wants an already occupied slot, we can give it, provided the patient will come and wait. Appointment will be confirmed only on the physical presence of the patient at reception as per the schedule. Doctors can view all the appointments on their screens.


Registration is the process of creating a patient’s master file storing all the details of the patient such as patient id, name, insurance company details, contact details etc. The patient is given a new Identification number (File Number) if he is coming to the clinic for the first time. If the patient has already got a file number, the nursing station will now prepare a new case sheet for the patient. After that the nurse will direct the patient to the doctor’s room depending on the time of appointment.


Each department has a unique way of collecting information from the patient, analyzing them, conducting needed tests/procedures and deciding on the diagnosis. It’s here that the doctor collects the patient’s symptoms, findings, allergies, vital statistics such as Height, Weight, Temp., BP etc. Now he may order some lab tests/x-rays/procedures and the results are analyzed to find out a diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis the doctor prescribes some medicines. He may be also interested in the patient’s treatment history as well as personal/family/medication details.

Doctor’s consulting charges vary depending on the visiting mode viz.

  Normal (Say 100 DHS)

  Follow-up (Say 50 DHS, upto 30 days from last visit)

  Free Follow-up (Absolutely Free, upto 7 days from last visit)

  Emergency (Say 150 DHS, Off-clinic hours)

Lab Tests/X-Rays/Procedures

It’s the duty of the technician to conduct these investigations and enter the proper results. The details of the tests conducted along with results are to be maintained in the corresponding department. For Lab Tests, a doctor prescription is a must and hence the patient has to be first consulted by a doctor in the clinic. However for X-rays and Procedures no consultation is required and walk-in cases are permitted.
X-rays can be billed directly from the X-Ray department. The same is the case with the procedures. If the patient’s visit is of the emergency type, then x-rays are charged more, and the technician can claim off-clinic incentive for such cases.
Doctor can view the results of the investigation tests on his screen for any selected patient/ visit. For some kind of investigations, the doctor may need an approval letter from the insurance company and this can be recorded in the system.


The final part of a patient’s visit to the clinic is making a bill by considering all the services the patient availed during that particular visit. In order to make a bill, we have to consider the following things to know whether the patient is eligible for any kind of discount.

  Walk-in patients (No Discount given)

Insurance Cases (Discount applicable as per the contract between Insurance Company and the clinic)

Staff from companies that have a tie-up with the clinic

Complete free cases (Clinic Staff)

The system provides a stand by case sheet for the purpose of insurance company billing. The doctor can view this stand by case sheet. Whenever a new doctor is appointed or any new department is created, the existing doctor service screen can be customized as per the requirement of the doctor.